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My name is Alianne (Allie-anne) Russell and I'm a twenty year old student currently living in South Carolina. Here at the Metric Child you'll find DIY's, fashion inspirations, and photography. Basically, it's my creative outlet for my wild and crazy brain. 

I am an aspiring portrait and fashion photographer. I'm currently working on my undergrad with a major in art with emphasis in photography. I love taking pictures of people and putting my own creative flair on them and I would love to be doing it as a living one day. I have some other artistic endeavors I would like to take, but I have to take just one step at a time.  

 The goal of this blog is to share my creativity with the world in hopes to pass my love of art around and inspire others just how I am inspired by my favorite bloggers everyday. I am a new blogger so I appreciate all the support I can get and treasure each person that decides to follow my blog! Thank you for joining me on this journey.


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