Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY// twig display

I'm a bit obsessed with displaying my jewelry. I HATE hoarding jewelry away in boxes, letting my necklaces get tangled and never being able to find that certain piece for my outfit. I'm visual, so I like being able to see everything, so having it displayed in a pretty way is just perfect for me.
This is another earring display I found on Pinterest. I love using natural materials in my projects, so if you're a hippie at heart like I am, you'll love this too.

Twigs (check your backyard!)
Paints (in whatever colors you fancy)
Handy Dandy Hot Glue

QUICK TIP: Make sure your twigs are big enough/small enough for your earrings/hooks for necklaces to hang on!

Paint your twigs! I just stuck to random stripes.

And yes, I am using the same colors from my Geometric Leather Feather Necklace!

I am satisfied with the result!

I chose to use just four of my twigs, but you can do how many you want to.

If you don't want to make the display, I would just arrange these in a pretty vase! They're already pretty by themselves.

oh look, it's my dresser!

Arrange your twigs in the, -ahem-, arrangement that best suits your taste.

Now wrap your twine around one end and glue. Continue connecting each end of the twigs together.

It's okay if they look uneven or crooked. You want it to be unique!

When you're done,  hang on your wall and display your favorite earrings. 

QUICK TIP: Arrange your earrings with equal weight on each side to prevent slips and uneven hanging.

Beautiful! I hope this was easy to follow! 

Stay creative,


  1. cool new header... love the font!

  2. hey! interested to see what pin you got this idea from

    1. Here is the one that I modeled mine after:
      There were quite a few that I really liked, though. It's hard to decide!

  3. There is a aura of art. I can not wait to have a try refer to your DIY tutorial.


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