Saturday, January 28, 2012

BEAUTY// zoya nail polish

I finally received my Zoya nail polish I ordered like three weeks ago. Goshdang. But I was too excited to be mad about the lack of a speedy delivery. I took advantage of their New Year sale they had at the beginning of the month (two free polishes if you pay S&H). I ordered "Cynthia" and "Megan".

Cynthia is a dark, almost navy blue-ish color, and Megan is a light lavender. I'm in love with both!


Sorry about the blinding flash, I took these at night.


I'm currently wearing Cynthia. I love how it's blue, but it kinda looks like a black color from a distance. Very cute and very sexy. I plan on wearing Megan when Spring comes around and it gets warmer.

The only thing that bothered me is that after only two hours of wear they began to chip ( Not to mention they took forever to dry)! But a quick clear topcoat did the trick.

Stay beautiful,

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