Monday, April 23, 2012

PINTEREST// some ideas

I am literally going crazy! I cannot wait to get of school and start working so I can buy some more DIY supplies. I made a DIY list for the summer and so far I have ten DIY's I want to do; not counting my Pinterest challenge DIY's (that I can't even start yet). UGH. 
I've also not been able to get on Pinterest much since I've been so busy with school and writing papers and all that. I am sad to say I only have a couple of pins for you look at, but they're all super cute.

The first one is this cut out sweatshirt. I know it's a little bit warm now, but on those rainy days this would be really cute to wear with some patterned leggings and boots. Plus, it's really easy to make. Maybe I should just add this to the DIY list!

This pin has been going on Pinterest for awhile now. And I love it! It screams my style. It's the perfect balance of girly and grungy. I wish I could find some literal "daisy dukes" like that and stud them out. The white bow top with it is just divine.

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I am posting this pin because a reader recently commented and asked if I could do another bobby pin incorporated DIY, instead this time I make a necklace. I love a challenge and found this one on Pinterest that's totally my kind of thing. I will deff try to figure out how to make one!

I hope everyone's Monday is just splendid! This is my last week of school!

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