Friday, June 8, 2012

FASHION + DIY// jean haul + diy

I am so excited to share with you guys my newest purchase from Goodwill! I was able to buy four pairs of high-waisted jeans. I made a video here on my Youtube channel going into detail about them. I also have a DIY after the jump explaining how to cut them into shorts. I think I've touched on this this before, but this DIY is going to be more thorough.  

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS: Try them on EVERY SINGLE TIME. Make a mark, try them on. Make a cut, try them on, Measure, try them on. Cut some more, try them back on. And always start cutting off in small amounts. You can always cut more off if they are too long, but you can't add back if they are too short. 

 Method #1:

Try them on, and measure and mark where your butt cheek ends. This is so you know not to cut any higher than that point. And if you want your cheeks to show, then have at it. But I certainly don't.

Method #2:

You can also fold them over and do the same thing. 

 Method #3:

I often get nervous when cutting, so I almost always will use another pair of shorts as a guide. Mark where they end, try them on. See if its long enough, and then make your cut. 

When you've finally cut them, check the crotch. I call this area the "bow" because of it's shape. Make sure each side is even.

And now they are done! From ugly capri's to cute cut offs!
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