Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY// let's tie dye the world

Hey guys! I've been going tie dye CRAZZYYY! Literally obsessed right now. I did some socks and a tank yesterday and wanted to share with you my results! 

These are my socks! Rubberbanded and dyed. I let them sit over night and rinsed them in the morning.

After rinsing, I threw them in the wash with other colored clothes. I used warm water to wash and warm water to rinse. 

I used 5 tulip dyes, plus a sixth one I mixed myself.

I always draw out a plan to follow as I am applying my dyes so I dont mess up or get confused.

I did a spiral for my tank top.

This is how my socks turned out! They are brighter on the inside (see below), however. So I might just wear them inside-out.

I think my tank turned out really good! One of the best one's I've done.

Thanks for taking a peak at this post! Hope your summer is going fantastic!


  1. so wonderful! especially the socks are just so cute! the color mixture is really brilliant :) good job

  2. The tanktop looks so good! when ever i tie-dye all the colors blend together :(

  3. Haha, looks very cool!
    Like coloured socks, they show a bit crazyness :D


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