Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FASHION// jeffrey campbell lita knock offs

I've been waiting for these babies for almost an entire month! Shipping from eBay takes forever! But they FINALLY got here yesterday and I am so excited to share these with you! 

The heel is 5 inches, and the platform is 3, making these the highest heels I own. And probably will ever own, haha. 

Thankfully, the holes for the laces had eyelets. I know of some that don't and I was worried they'd arrive without them. 

I plan on buying some rainbow laces to wear with them like some of the actual Lita's do. I think it'd be so cute!

My only complaint is that the heel is plastic looking/feeling. I thought it would be sturdier, but pictures are sometimes misleading. I'm fine with it though.

The brand is called JoJo Cat. I've never heard of it! I think it may be only located in China/Korea. 

And last but not least, an unedited picture of them! Aren't they beautiful?

I'm so excited to style these up! Stay tuned for outfit pictures!


  1. Those are so nice!! I'm jealous! They will look great :)

  2. I love the JCL. The best shoes ever. I like the color you chose.


  3. I have a question: What's the name of the ebay shop? I search this shoes from the brand "JoJo Cat" everywhere but I can't find them!


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