Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FASHION// new shoes... (a new post?! holy cow!)

Oh wow, is this a new post? It's been awhile, my friends! 

Well, two Sundays ago (October 21) was my 20th birthday (WHOO) and I received four pairs of shoes as presents. I thought I'd share with you these beauties and what I like about them.
Because they are all some sort of a "boot" I thought I'd edit my pictures in a grungy sort of way, since they tend to remind me of the 90's a lot. 

This first pair is from the almighty Goodwill. They are SO 90's, I couldn't believe I had found such an awesome shoe that actually fit! I have no idea if these are supposed to be a men or womens shoe, but who cares! They match beautifully with my plaid flannels and button downs. I don't even mind that the left shoe is a bit worn out. It gives it character!

The side buckle is my favorite part!

Next are these beauties by Arizona. Velvet. Combat. Boots. When did I die and go to Heaven? My mother bought me these and I am just in love. I drool when I look at them.

They are a dark royal blue, almost navy-esque, with a soft velvet texture. I'm so scared to wear them out, however. I don't want to ruin them. 

If you are a Target shopper, you may have spotted these bad boys already. I am love with wedges and the oxford style of this boot is just gorgeous. They pair perfectly with anything leopard.

And yes, I found another pair of Lita knock offs! The toe is a bit more pointed than I would like it, but who cares? They are SO comfortable. One of the most comfortable heels/booties I own.

I found these at our local Charming Charlie for about 40 bucks.

Hope you enjoyed! I missed you guys!

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