Saturday, March 24, 2012

DIY// easy polaroids

I love my polaroid camera! It's really cool AND it's vintage. Unfortunately, so is the film used to make the cool instant pictures. It's like $60+ for 10 or more and I'm not about to spend all my money on something I could make for almost nothing. Sorry, Mr. Polaroid, looks like you're just gonna sit pretty on my shelf until I can afford to use you. This is how I make my polaroids. Yeah they're not real, but shhhh! What they don't know won't hurt them!

 First, download Picasa. It's a free photo organizer & editor made by Google and I love it! If you don't want to keep it after making your polaroids, it is easy to uninstall. But I bet you'll love if you just try it out! 

Once you've got your photos uploaded, select which ones you'd like to make into polaroids. Selected pictures will be highlighted in blue just like they do on your computer or when you upload them to Blogger! Click the "Make Collage" button that resembles a sunset. This will collage your pictures.

Your pictures will appear in a "picture pile".  Click the polaroid button on the left and this will but a polaroid style frame around each of your pictures.

Yay! You're almost done! After  your pictures have been polarized, resize them by clicking on them and dragging the corners and rotating them. The picture you select to resize will be highlighted in red. And once that's done...

Just print the page out on some photo paper and cut them out! Easy, right?

Stay beautiful,

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