Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PHOTOGRAPHY// class assignment

So this past week in my photography class, our assignment was to take photos of window reflections. The "professor" (the reason why I put that word in quotations is a totally different story, might rant about that later..) wanted 50/50 pictures. Meaning: he wanted to see into the window AND what was being reflected. So here are a few that I took.

This one is my favorite. I love how the mannequin looks like an invisible giant.

Same concept with this one too.

And this one I just really like the Chess piece against the brick.

This one is like ghost furniture or something! I really think this one is interesting too.

I actually thought this assignment was really stupid. I like some of the pictures I took of course, but we're not allowed to put our own style or artistic touch to anything we do. They all have to be raw photos. And if we don't give him exactly what we wants, he gives us a D or F. So there's you're college 101 lesson for the day: your grade is based on how well you pleased the teacher and not your actual knowledge or how well you preformed. College sucks sometimes.

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