Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY// Leather Feather Geometric Necklace

So I was browsing blogger and came across Sincerely, Kinsley. I came across this necklace DIY that she did, and was instantly inspired to try it myself. BUUUT when I bought the leather, I found it extremely difficult to stitch the design. I could hardly put my needle through the leather. So, instead of a stitched design, I opted for my paints and painted a geometric pattern instead. I think it turned out great!

Start by cutting two pieces of leather in a rectangular shape. You'll need the second piece at the end.

Paint your pattern in the colors you would like. I like pastel colors the most, and they totally in right now for spring!

While your paint is drying, pick your feathers out and arrange them the way you like. Hot glue them to the other piece of leather with just the tips of the feathers hanging out (Of course you make the feathers as long or short as you want).

Glue the two pieces together and make sure you also glue your leather cord in so you can hang it around your neck!

And thats it! Enjoy your new necklace. Pair it with a lacey dress, crop top or a tee and some cowboy boot  for that western/native american/boho feel.

Stay Beautiful,


  1. Yippee! High-Five for joining the craftgawker club! So glad to see your awesome material getting exposed. Embrace your awesomeness!


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