Saturday, March 3, 2012

DIY// mini dreamcatcher

I am now currently obsessing over Native American inspired fashion and interior design. I know navajo print was really popular a few summers ago, and now I've got the fever. There's just something beautiful about feathers, flowers, leather, and dancing in the sun. So to cure a little bit of my Native American sickness, I've been making a few mini dreamcatchers to hang around my room, dorm, and car. This is one of them.

*Unfortunately, I am HORRIBLE at explaining how to make them. You can find easy tutorials all over the internet though to help. This particular post is to just inspire you to make one for yourself or a friend.
One of my favorite dreamcatcher tutorials can be found here. It's beautifully done!

Suede Cord
Beads (optional)
Embroidary Thread (in the color of your choice)
Fabric/Craft glue (I use Liquid Stitch, this is also optional)

I love the look of lace instead of feathers. There's just something pretty and girly about it.

Beads are also a nice touch to any dreamcatcher, just make sure the thread you use for the web can fit through the hole of the bead.

Suede cord is the easiest to use when wrapping your ring. It's more flexible than the standard leather strips and will stay in place better too without the aid of glue.

I hope this post inspires you to catch your dreams! 

Stay beautiful,

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