Saturday, March 10, 2012

DIY// studded collars

So the collar craze has been going on for quite some time now; I'm thinking like last November was the first time I started to see them pop up. I've always been a fan of the girly frilly looking ones but I wanted to make one that also showed the edgy side of my personal style. This is a simple DIY showing you how I made my black studded collar.

***If you use E6000 PLEASE use in a ventilated area or better yet, OUTSIDE! This stuff is serious business! Read all the warning labels on the tube before use.

Make sure you have enough studs! Nothing sucks more to be half way through a project and realize you don't have enough supplies to finish!

The reason why I glued them instead of piercing them through the material is because of the structure of the collar. Men's shirt collar's are more durable and sturdy because they have a piece of plastic or cardboard inside to help retain the triangular shape. If you remove this insert, the collar will look flimsy. And since I didn't want to remove it, I couldn't poke my studs through the material, and had to resort to glue.

*If you can poke your studs through the collar, by all means, do so!

So take your pliers and bend the "legs" of the stud over one another to create a flat backing.

Before you glue, make sure you know how you want to arrange them! I decided simple rows.

One row done!

I stopped at two rows, but I might add on later.

ANNNND VOILA! Wear with bright colored shirt or sweater OR wear with something girly for a contrast!

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