Monday, April 16, 2012


Alright you guys. The time has come for me to share with you the 5 new DIYs I found! All of them were found via Pinterest, and I will try to make them all during the remainder of this month and the beginning of May. I would challenge myself to make them all this week, but exams are coming up real soon here at school and I must put my education and making good grades as my top priority right now (BOO). 
But don't worry! They will come! I promise.

The first one is gorgeous! I love the gypsy headpieces that are really popular right now and this is a cool twist to that trend. The chains are attached to two combs that you place on either side of your head and they wrap around the back of your head. This would be so easy to do. All you need is chains and two combs. Definitely going to try this.

This is pretty self explanatory but really cool! I am however skeptical if the "stickers" will stay though. I'm hoping the top coat will suffice. If they do stay, than there are so many possibilities! And it's one of those DIY's that you already have all the supplies for. That's always a plus!

I think this tote is really cool! And totes are a big trend right now, plus a bright color and BOOM and you got yourself a great DIY project. You can buy blank totes of all sizes and shapes at any craft store. All you need is a tub and some fabric dye. I've dip dyed before and it's really fun to do. So this is a great summer DIY. 

Socks with wedges or heels are being seen everywhere right now and I think the combo is really cute. You could go out and buy some ruffled socks, or you could make your own for half the price. All you would need is socks and lace and basic sewing skills. Simple, and sweet.

I am obsessing over this galaxy t-shirt. I know the galaxy trend is so 2011 but I still am really digging it. Plus, it's really easy to make yourself! Bleach and the-dye equipment are all you need.

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I am really excited about this last DIY. I'm really in to leopard right now and this is perfect! Thrift some shorts and get out your sharpies! Google a leopard print template and use it as your guide or free hand it yourself. 

So after my crazy semester is over with, I'll get right to these awesome DIY's and share them with you right here! Stay posted!

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