Monday, April 9, 2012

PINTEREST// assortment

So for this weeks edition of Pinterest Monday I have an assortment of things that I've found this week. Next week, however I'm going to challenge myself to find 5 brand new DIY pins, share them, and attempt to make all of them! I will of course share my progress and finished results with you! So with that in mind, lets get started!

I found the above pin and fell in love. I am a girl that if a craft requires a trip to the store to get the supplies, 7/10 times, I won't do the craft. I'm lazy and broke. So when I find something that includes supplies I already have, I'll immediately jump up and do it. These earrings are made from bobby pins and painted with nail polish, and yes I made them (although with some slight differences)! You will see those in an upcoming tutorial. :)

I'm a nail fanatic. My nails are never bare, ever. The only time they are is the moment between I take off my current polish and I begin painting them again with the new color. I love painting my nails. I also love this galaxy inspired nail art that I am going to attempt sometime in the near future. I have all the colors, I just need a make up sponge. 

I finally learned how to fishtail braid a few weeks back and it's been my go to braid ever since. When I have the time too, I'm deff going to try this out with my leather strips and embroidery thread!

This is a DIY I found that I tried to do over the summer last year, but it failed miserably. This pin inspired me to try it again. Hopefully it will work this time. The necklace is so pretty and its another one of those DIYs where you already have most of the supplies to do it.

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Cute picture time! These two pups grew up together and are still best friends til this day! How precious, right!? Notice the patterns on their fur are still the same. How cute!!

Hope your Monday is a breeze!
Stay beautiful,

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