Monday, April 2, 2012

PINTEREST// fashion inspirations

So this week for my "Pinterest Monday" I decided to feature fashion related pins. I haven't blogged recently about fashion or my fashion inspirations so I going to try to incorporate more of that into my blog. With that being said, here are my pins of the week.

The "Arm Party" trend is still going strong and with summer around the corner it's gonna get huge again once more. I love the concept of just stacking and mixing and matching all your favorite bracelets. I love this picture and it has inspired me to start making my friendship bracelets again. I taught myself how to make them last summer and I'm so glad I did. Now, I just need to find these other cute bracelets featuring studs and rhinestones to complete my arm party.

I love everything about this outfit. The high-wasited shorts, the black top, the long and flowy sheer robe-thing. I even like the shoes (except I don't wear heels, which is sad. I would've worn my combat boots with this instead). I love the cross trend too. Just something about them is edgy but sophisticated at the same time. 

Everything about this outfit is just... YES. I'm in love. My favorite thing about this outfit is the velvet skirt.  It just ties everything together. It's got that girly-but-grungy thing going on and this girl with her green hair just pulls it off effortlessly. I want to invade her wardrobe.

Okay so this is the girly side of me emerging right now. I love the pastel hue of the sweater, and I just adore sweaters in general. The pleated skirt underneath is just perfect peaking out from underneath it. Her collar is gorgeous! I think I'm gonna go ahead and get a men's white button down and cut the collar off so I can have one. Her sunglasses and bracelets just put it all together and so polished.

And now the edgy Allie is coming forth. First off, I love the outfit BUT thats not why I pinned this. It's her HAIR. Holy moly it's beautiful. The pink and blue hues is just.... Ah, speechless. I wish there was a way I could pull this off. I've been wanting to dye my hair badly recently. Of course I wouldn't dare try copying this look at home. But seriously, I love her hair.

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Hope your Monday is stress free and worry free! Happy Passion Week!
Stay beautiful,

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