Thursday, May 3, 2012

FASHION// styling bralettes

I have been wanting these bralettes for quite some time now. If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that  on my board "The List" (which is my wish list) I have pinned a bralette from aerie I really like. But, I am impatient and decided to just go to the mall and try to find some myself. I found two at PacSun that are really cute and I am very satisfied with my purchase. 
In this post, I'll share with you the bralettes I bought and one way I'm going to style them.

This is the first one. It's a black floral print, with some sheer lace around the bottom. I am in love! It fits perfectly and I love just wearing it around the house with my p.j.'s. 

It has a small underwire, and some elastic. It's so comfortable! 

I also bought this purple one. It's so cute with the detailing of the lace, and around the bust area. 

I can't wait to wear these out! This weekend is our town's annual Spring Fling. It's one of the biggest street fest's in the area and it would be the perfect time to wear one of these.

A couple of ways I've thought of are:
-Under an oversized graphic tee that has the sleeves cut out.
-Under something sheer or lacey, paired with some cut offs.

This is one outfit I came up with!
I am learning how to take outfit pictures right now. I don't have a tripod so it's very difficult to get a good picture. I would recruit my sister to help but she isn't out of school yet to help take them during the day. So please be patient with me as I am in the learning process right now. Once I get the hang of it, I will be taking lots of outfit pictures for you!
Also, I have a DIY coming up finally! Please stay posted for that to come very soon!

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