Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DIY// UO Blue Dyed Shorts

I received a request from a reader to try to make another pair of shorts from UO! And... I accept the challenge! These pair of shorts should be very interesting to make. Pictures and info after the jump!

images via urbanoutfitters.com

They are called the BDG High-Rise Cheeky Short in Blue. They look like a white pair of shorts tye-dyed blue. I am not sure the technique used when dying them, but I am sure I can figure something out. 

images via urbanoutfitters.com

They look really cool and would be great to wear on the 4th of July with something red. 

I already bought the dye from Walmart yesterday and now I just have to get the shorts I am going to use. Wednesday is my day off, so I am going to try to hit up my Goodwill and see what I can find. 

Stay posted for results!
Also, check out my Youtube channel and subscribe if you like! I have one video up talking about the return of PLL if you are interested. My channel is here. 

Alright guys, thats it for now. I finally got a tripod so I am going to go play around with it some and see what I can come up with.


  1. Yay! Thank you; I am so excited you decided to make them! Can't wait to see the results.

  2. The lonely days of anticipation progressed as all of Fandom solemnly dreamed of UO shorts. Every morning they awoke with baited breath, and every day they glanced sadly at the metric child, but to no avail. The shorts were nowhere to be found.

    1. I sincerely apologize for that! I never found the perfect pair of shorts to use. I even bought the dye. If I find the Perfect Pair of Shorts, I WILL do the tutorial. :) and I want to thank you for noticing, i didnt even think I had a "fandom" that really followed me. :D

  3. No hard feelings, but jussayin, I really love your diy posts!


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