Monday, April 30, 2012

PHOTOGRAPHY// fun with effects

Photo editing websites are more than just a website you can go to add a cool effect to your pictures. You can seriously upgrade the look and feel of your photos using the tools they provide you. If you know how to use one of these websites correctly, you could save lots of money on software like Photoshop that's uber expensive. 

This is just a quick post of some pictures my friend took of me and how I made them even better! I used PicMonkey to edit them, but I also love Pixlr! Those are my top two. If you know any cool editing sites, let me know in the comments below!

 As you can see from these two pictures, there is a huge difference! The second one is a bit warmer, and I added a special focus to my face so it's the first thing you look at when you look at these pictures. The colors are more vivid, too. Play around with the effects, layer them up, try some fancy focus, and you might come up with your own signature effect!

I hope you enjoyed this quick photo post!
This is my last day at school! So excited for my summer off and looking forward to blogging everyday!

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